Remembering The Late, Great Glenn Gould

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The late Glenn Gould was a Canadian national treasure. One of the great pianists of the 20th century, his rare intellect, astonishing technique and unmatched individuality marked him as a phenomenon from the outset of his meteoric — if highly unconventional — career.

More comfortable in front of microphones than people, Gould renounced the concert stage at the age of 31, devoting himself exclusively to recording and broadcasting activity and writing. His most enduring legacy is his trove of recordings for Columbia Masterworks (now Sony Classical).

In 1955 Gould signed an exclusive contract with Columbia, and remained with the label until his untimely death from a stroke in 1982 at age 50. Now Sony has issued Glenn Gould Remastered – The Complete Columbia Album Collection on 81 CDs in a limited-edition box set.

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