Toronto’s Hot Docs Festival (now winding down) is the largest such festival in North America. It has screened over 200 documentary films to an audience from Canada and internationally numbering over 200,000. These fans flock not only to the state-of-the-art and comfortable TIFF (Toronto International Film Festival) Bell Lightbox, with six cinemas, but to over a dozen other venues. Meanwhile, the surrounding streets are flooded with folks from just about everywhere, who fill the alfresco cafes and restaurants, savoring the spring sunshine and giving this city a cosmopolitan vibe second only to that which accrues during TIFF itself in September.

This evening I sat riveted by “The Reckoning,” a timely doc from Barry Avrich (“The Last Mogul.”) Avrich shines his spotlight on disgraced Hollywood powerhouse producer Harvey Weinstein, and how his predatory sexual harassment of vulnerable women gave impetus to the “Me Too” movement.

It’s an important and fearless film. Swimming with the au courant, Avrich features chilling testimony from an array of Hollywood sirens past and present, and many others. The film deserves a wide audience, and should spark a conversation about a cultural climate that put Donald Trump in the White House; nurtures a younger generation that could easily take his own behavior as the norm, and coarsens so much of our daily lives that we ignore it at our peril.